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Easter blue skies.

It has been glorious here for weeks now whilst the rest of the UK gets snow etc.
For once the west coast has been basking in sunshine, it has been cold but the clear
skies and sunshine lift ones soul :-)
So making the most of the weather we went for a day trip to Tobermory on Mull.

Rannoch obviously scared then spent the whole journey hiding here.

Tobermory once an old fishing port is a pretty town with a slight
shabby air about it.
Its buildings are painted but it doesn't have the feel of a similar town
you would find on the south coast of England.

It hosts a distillery.

The day was gorgeous we had a scrummy pub lunch washed down
with a large cool glass of rose and we went for a stroll around.

we saw a great car with a cool windscreen banner.

we then got the ferry home after a lovely day trip :-)


  1. Hi Annie, I'm glad someone is getting the sunshine! Tobermory looks a wonderful place to visit, I have seen glimpses of it on the children's programme Balamory. When we were up in Scotland last July particularly on Skye they were quite concerned over the lack of rain they had been having, have you had much rain over the winter on the west coast?
    I love the image of you and Rannoch looking over the roof tops!
    Sarah x

  2. Hi Sarah

    No we are the same as Skye hardly any rain and as a consequence lots of hill fires breaking out quite scary.
    Annie x

  3. Looks like such a lovely spot to spend the day, glad you are getting sunshine but it dose still look cold.

    1. It warmed up and we managed to sunbathe on the return ferry

  4. Guess Rannoch doesn't like the ferry. Our male Boxer, Zeus gets the jitters when we try to take him somewhere in the car. He doesn't travel well. Looks like you guys had a nice adventure. And sunshine does make a difference even when it's cold. We're still waiting on spring here. Surely it will come in the near future. X.

    1. It was his first crossing and he got braver for the return :-). We had a great day out. Hope spring comes to you soon. x

  5. Thanks for the mini vacation. I love the names of your towns.

    1. There are some amazing names some we have no idea how to pronounce as the gaelic language is very popular here.

  6. Hi Annie - what a hoot that we both have the same name for our blogs! My first blog was Across The Pond and Google somehow killed it off - so I had to start another a couple of years back.

    Enjoying looking through your recent posts and reading a bit about life in your area of beautiful Scotland. Growing up in Devon I'm ashamed to say I never visited Scotland.......until the year before last when I did get to Edinburgh for a day trip when staying in the Lake District. Loved every minute and must return. My only niece is at Uni in Glasgow (2nd year) - and her mum graduated from St. Andrews, so I do have some connections!

    OK off to my bed with my hot water bottle! Even though I'm in the south (North Carolina) the nights are still quite cold - and being English I love my bottle in its cashmere sweater!

    Love your photos - and that you like sea kayaking. I've just returned from Antarctica and kick myself daily for not participating in that exciting pastime there - I was too nervous in the cold, sea ice water!

    Shall we keep in touch? I'll 'follow' you and check in when you post.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the lovely note, I've holidayed in Devon a few times lovely place. The climate is better than up here too.
      My older son is in his third year at Glasgow Uni, so another connection, what subject is your niece studying? Had a look through your photo's jealous of your trip to Antartica wow.
      Maybe I need to read it in your blog but what took you across the pond?.

      You cant beat a hot water bottle and living in the highlands mine is well used :-)

      I got into kayaking about 6 years ago and was getting really good and adventurous, a nasty (swim) just over a year ago has knocked my confidence a bit, so sticking to balmy day kayaking for a while.

      Would be lovely to keep in touch, how can we not.
      Lunch time almost here so off to start cooking a roast dinner, my son is home from Uni for a week on study leave.

      So nice to come across your blog.

      Annie x

  7. Incredibly beautiful! I can testify how beautiful and gorgeous and brilliant the weather was! Have a look at my today's post! I fell in love with the whole of Scotland!!! Christa

  8. Your comment cracked me up! Rannoch is beautiful!!! Btw, I have a deep and serious love of kayaking - if you're ever in Florida let me know and I'll take you to all the best spots. :)


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