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A B&B by the sea

Who new ....... well recent years life really has been a journey.
So wished I had, had time to blog more or write a  diary of the last 18 months.
Brief update for those of you who have not given up on me and still follow.
We are almost at the end of our first very very sucessful b&b season pics and more catch up soon.
But here are a few tasters......

view from Pier House at sunset

Andy and I taking a hospitality break for a spot of kayaking

collage of some interior shots

a recent guests photo looking down on Pier House


A renovating life in the Highlands !

A year on .......

Here is a long overdue catch up, are you sitting comfortably with a suitable beverage.

After settling my mother in law into the Annex which took a few months, she struggles with down sizing !

Work began on Pier House lots to do and I have been really busy, whilst OH still does his day job and helps evenings and weekends, I have knocked down walls, stripped acres of paper, sanded exposed beams, painted, painted and painted some more.

We built a wood store

We found time for some r&r and time with the dogs :-)

We put a message in a bottle in a wall we rebuilt for someone to read in the future.

We have installed a new heating system, layed lots of new cables, sweat buckets, cried tears, had lots of problems I could go on and on.
But do we regret moving here ......not one bit we have breath taking views.

I am exhausted but we are starting to take bookings we have one room ready for summer with the other two later in the year. Our own private spaces will wait .....
We are going for a modern contemporary look whilst still retaining some history of this lovely old property.

Will share more about the amazing history of the place in another blog in the near future.

Toodles for now.
A life in the Highlands.