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A Highland Wedding

On Summer Solstice.......
We paddled down Loch Leven for a couple of hours.
To an island called Eilean Nam Ban.
Our guests arrived by Rhib.
We had a small ceremony with some celtic traditions.
Then we had a wee evening gathering where more friends joined us to celecrate.
Great fun was had by all and lots of fantastic memories created :-)
Sharing a few photo's
Still sorting through lots of photo's so will do a longer blog soon.


Time Flies

Yikes its ages since I blogged !
I used to love it, it gives a great synopsis of your life for ones self too.
Just looked back over a few things I had totally forgotten.
Well lots has happened since my last catch up.

The gorgeous Andy proposed :-)
We get married very soon.
Work has been hectic but we won an amazing award.
My youngest son turned 21 ! where has the time gone.
Our wee house..... is coming on slowly.

Hope all is well with you all ?
Off to put on the kettle and catch up with all I have missed.