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Had to share this video came across it at work.


  1. Modern society - and Americans are the worst - uses so much packaging. When we lived in Jamaica, we took our own containers and baskets to market. Now when I shop at some stores, each piece of fruit is in a plastic container.

    I'm not sure how to stop it other than trying to cut back on my own use of excessive packaging. Patagonia is a local company that sells it clothes and gear around the world. Their fleece (my husband is wearing a fleece vest right now) is made from recycled plastic soda bottles.

    My left a teaching position at the university level and returned to school for a degree in engineering and he wants to focus on materials to help the environment.

    Thanks for making me think this morning.

  2. Its a sad video, living on the west coast of Scotland seeing the plastic that gets washed up on our beaches is not nice. I work for an Environmetal group and recycling is one of the areas I cover. Food packaging as you say is the main culprit. Over here we only recycle a couple of plastics and the rest get shipped to China. Something needs to change I could go on and on.....thank you for your comment.


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