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What a week !

I have been so busy at work, worked a 7 day week it was a long hard week.
A week full of meetings, training and lots of travel.
I also spent the weekend working  on two food related events, one went really well and was hugely successful.
At one of the events I got to have a go of willow weaving, I made a fish and a snail.

My car was due in for a service huge bill, they also told me I needed 4 new tyres.
The next day driving to the Isle of Skye after said car being in for a service.
My engine warning light came on and my car died.
If it never rains it pours.

Then a busy monday updating webpages and facebook etc with pictures from events.
Sunny Tuesday ....yeah get some clothes washed for my impending holiday to Barcelona.
Hang them out on the line to blow in the fresh breeze

and I fell
OUCH !!!!!
Sleepless night in lots of pain, trip to A&E ....result....
Torn ligaments lots of bandaging and super super strength pain killlers.
So sat with leg raised up ( it's really swollen ) going through my magazines
and perusing blogs. :-)

and reminising through old pics here are a few I would like to share.
A baby starfish found on a beach walk.
A evening watching the sunset under the moon with great friends. Final picture taken at the bottom of our old garden so Scottish.




  1. Oh my goodness me! So terribly sorry about your leg! This happened to me in March, a week before a trip to Paris! Keep the bandage on and put the leg up as much as possible! Why does this not happen to people who earned it... ;o) and then your car.. what a pity... we in Switzerland say: WHen the devil gets children he has many... (I hope you understand...) I keep my fingers crossed that you recover well and fast and send you good thoughts! Christa xxxx

  2. Christa, thanks for the good thoughts :-), trying to rest it, but its hard with two dogs and now the buiders have turned up too, so no peace.I have lots of books I have been saving for when I had time to read them and lovely blogs to read.

    Annie x

  3. I do hope that your leg gets better soon - but make the most of the reading time and then maybe the time will fly!

    Pomona x

  4. Hi Pomana

    Thanks for your comment :-) the time has flown, mostly reading tap, kitchen and bathroom brochures the joys of doing a house up.

    Annie x

  5. The baby starfish is amazing. We see big starfish when the tide is out and I guess there must be some babies on the rocks also.

    Sorry about your 'rains it pours' story. It does seem that way in life. Hope you are feeling better!

  6. We see big starfish here too,but its the first time I had seen a baby one. Life goes on and my ankle is now painfully but slowly on the mend. Thanks for your comment :-)

  7. Annie, I think you should work for the Scottish Tourist Board, your photos are amazing, where you live is amazing. I love your dogs, we have a 'Sparky' too, but he's a Westie.

  8. Hello Linda, Gosh what a great job that would be :-). Thanks for your comment and spooky another Sparky



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