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sunny saturday

Wow !  we woke up to a blue sky sunny saturday and the sea was perfectly flat.
A perfect day to kayak or get up high for the view sadly my ankle injury would allow neither of those.
So we set off for a tootle in the car with the dogs.
Firstly we detoured to the supermarket to get a picnic and then took the scenic route to Ardnamurchan.

 we stopped to have lunch and admire the view, artisan bread with pate and salad, washed down with raspberry lemonade.We then drove onto to a great bird hide spent some time admiring the stunning views, sipped coffee and nibbled chocolate.
It's an amazing bird hide and I just love how the viewing slots frame the views.
Sadly we only saw seals,heron,gulls,wagtails we glimpsed and otter but weren't quick enough with the camera. The sea eagles never made an appearance whilst we were there.

We then made our way home calling here for a glass of wine
this is the first bar we have taken Rannoch into and he was perfectly behaved :-)
A leisurely drive to the ferry a short crossing to home.


  1. I love your post and your pictures. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! I was born in a city by the sea, in Italy, and I know all about the magic of the sea and the colour blue, so dominant in all your pictures.

    Enjoy the end of this weekend. It's raining here...


  2. I too love your pictures and could never tire of watching the seals although sometimes they don't do much!
    Glad Rannoch was well behaved hopefully it will be his first visit of many to a bar!
    Take care with your ankle, having suffered with torn ligaments to my ankle too, I know how painful it can be!
    Sarah x

  3. Hi Anna
    We pinch ourselves most days and the tourists that stop daily outside the house to take pics of our view remind us how lucky we are. Hope to discover more of Italy one day.
    We had a lovely sunny weekend clear skies and lots of stars at night.

    Annie x

  4. Hi Sarah

    We see lots of seals up here especially when kayaking, but likewise I never tire of them.
    The ankle is quite painful thanks for the empathy. Hoping it heals quick we go to Barcelona next week !

    Annie x

  5. It is Franka, thank you for your comment.Annie

  6. Breathtaking pictures and the landscape... you are certainly lucky to live so close to the sea! More please... ;o) Christa


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