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Come with me to .....Barcelona !

Andy and I  finally got to go on a much needed break. Barcelona has been on my cities to visit list for a while. So last week we jetted off  with friends and shared an appartment in Barcelona.I was slightly dissapointed that I had torn some ligaments as that curtailed my speed which in hindsight was probably a good thing. We arrived Wednesday lunchtime. Checked into the appartment which was lovely our bedroom had a lovely old wrought iron balcony over looking a lovely square with amazing green parakeets flying everywhere. It was sunny and warm, a world away from the blustery Glencoe we had left behind. We abandoned our luggage and headed straight out first stop lunch, we ate outside I had a lovely goats cheese salad washed down by one or two glasses of rose we relaxed and let the world go by..

We took lots and lots of pictures way too many to share so I have selected a few  of my favourites.
They dont really need an explanation.



For three and a half days we walked,bussed, fennicular railwayed and cycled the sights.
We were in awe of all the architecture european cities are fantastic. The Gaudi buildings, the Cathedrals, the Roman ruins, la Ramblas,the Gothic Quarter just a few of the sights we saw. These were mixed with great food some very good wines, amazing views cocktails on the 25th fooor of a hotel, to the best g&t I have ever had in another.
All in all a fantastic time was had my need for culture most definately satisfied with this trip. Interspersed with some romance,laughs and great company.


  1. I have never been to Barcelona, but I would love to go, some day. Some of the images could have been taken in my native city of Bari, Italy. The architecture is so similar!

    The food looks mouthwatering and that rosè wine... oh, I love it!

    I don't feel too bad, though, as I came back from Italy and we are going back at the end of the month, to buy a dream town house!

    Nice post and lovely photos!



  2. Anna, it was amazing I love Italy and would totally agree about the architecture. The food and wine was scrumptious. So jealous you are getting a town house back in Italy. I hope you share lots of pictures looking forward to seeing it. Thank you for your comment.


  3. I glad you had such a wonderful trip to Barcelona, your photos are so lovely. My son and his girlfriend visited there too in the summer and had a great time. Did you see the fountains?
    Sarah x

  4. Sarah it was a lovely break, yes we saw the fountains, your son probably had better weather in the summer, we had one day of torrential rain. Annie x[


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