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As I sit here doing a quick blog after mooching some others.

My sewing machine is set up to do a few clothes alterations.

I miss my machine spent many happy hours making dresses and clothes and curtains and blinds in the past.

Look forward to many more sewing hours making lots of nice things for our wee croft by the sea.

Andy is up in loft doing plumbing for our new bathroom.......the smell of copper burning as he welds joints wafts on the air.

I have just been here http://www.onlinegravel.co.uk/calc.htm so I can work out how much gravel I will need to lanscape the front of the house.

I just bought the october edition of country living which has a whole section on kitchens  :-)

I now have a brilliant idea of changing our lounge into a lovely open plan kitchen/dining room.

Thus making the dining/study into a cosy lounge.

I follow too many nice blogs on here that give me even more ideas ? ? ?

Right my sewing machine awaits and then it will be time to make tea.

Hope everyone is having a happy weekend ♥


  1. Sounds like you were busy with your sewing machine over the last few days!

    Looking at magazines and getting lovely ideas for your home sounds wonderful.

    You will be a busy bee if you carry out all your plans!

    I hope that you have a lovely week.
    It is raining heavily here today.

    Here's to a sunny September.


  2. Hi Fiona,
    Excited about turning this house into our home :-)so have lots of roman blinds,lampshades and cusions to make.
    Hope you have a lovely week too.
    Yes here's to a sunny September I will raise my glass of wine to that. Where abouts in Ireland are you I used to live near Youghal on the south east coast for 4 years.


  3. Sounds exciting! I must go and get the county living issue... need some ideas too - but I always have troubles with getting them done... Hope your week is brilliant! Christa

  4. Hi Christa, Thanks for the comment having a hectic week workwise, driving long distances in gales and storms not nice :-( feels like winter here as we stoke the log burning stove, hope your week is nice.


  5. Hi Annie, it sounds freezing but I must say cosy too! You are describing the picture of Scotland I have. I once was in Edinburgh and you know what? We will spend 10 days in Perth north of Edinburgh on a homeexchange basis. To tell the truth: I CANT WAIT for it! I will keep reading your blog and it will feel like already being there... Take care and keep warm! Christa

  6. Hi Christa
    A home exchange in Perth how exciting, do tell more, how, why when etc.


  7. I love your new header photo. I too used to sew all of my clothes, but my eyes don't allow me to rip out mistakes. I guess the best thing would be not to make mistakes.
    Can't wait to see the new project.

  8. Thanks for the comment re my header photo, thought it was more befitting of my blog title, I love cotton grass, the picture was taken on holiday on Harris last year.Can't wait for the projects to start coming together, fingers crossed Christmas is the deadline.


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