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Inspired by a new  blog I follow, I found myself trawling through my picasa album
and I am now posting a few of the photo's of which the  memory brought a smile to my face.

It's been raining all day today, its windy and foggy. So curled up with a cup of tea these made me smile because.......

This deer and her fawn used to frequent the garden of the house we rented when we first moved up here, I named her Doris. Hmmmm she ate everything I ever planted in that garden.

We had not been living there long when there was a local wedding on the shore at the bottom of the garden, the band struck up wih " I would walk 500 miles" and the fireworks began, tear in the eye evening

Sparky just loved the beach when we first moved :-)

We holidayed on Harris and sat on the pier with a glass of wine and a bottle of beer and just watched this little blue boat drift on the tide.

A stunning Gannet soared above me whilst I took pictures of Andy kayaking .

 Now this cutie I named really originally Bambi well hidden at the bottom of the garden
The lacework patterns on the wings were amazing.

We rented this old inn when we first moved, it was huge and freezing in winter
but its looking good in this pic and we shared many happy hours with visiting
friends :-)



  1. I always enjoy it when Christa does some desktop cleaning she always has some lovely images and yours are equally stunning too.
    Thanks for the link to Goats Ireland how strange. We love Ireland too, how lucky you were to live there too.
    Sarah x

  2. Awesome pictures! It's always great taking a stroll down memory lane looking through old photographs. Love the blue boat.

    Great blog by the way :)

  3. Hi Sarah

    There are some lovely blogs and its nice to come across new ones via current blogs,I am half Irish and loved the time I lived there.

    Annie x

  4. Hi Antonia

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, it was a lovely way tp pass a dull afternoon. :-)

  5. Sparkly is super cute and so is the deer. i would given her a name too, I name every animal, even the wild ones, I just have to meet them twice.

  6. beautiful photos! especially love the one of the little blue boat.


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