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patience........is a nice home.

 Andy and I most definately work at different speeds,
but it finally feels like we are starting to get the home I have been dreaming of

the walls upstairs have been knocked down.To make what
was a bedroom that led into another room now  a
much bigger bathroom and a lovely hallway.
It's really starting to come together the shower has
been delivered
the enclosure is the same as above but walls will be a stone colour.
We are ordering a lovely oak cabinet for the bathroom too and a gorgeous
bath, so the banging and drilling and complete mess everywhere
will soon be worth it......
Then we can start on the kitchen :-) I have finally chosen I think
this lovely pale sage colour.
watch this space for picture updates.
I have been collecting pictures from magazines for the last few
years of dream kitchens and bathrooms so have loads of
ideas. Then it will be the lounge our little cottage by the sea
is turning into our home a little bit more every day :-)


  1. Oh my goodness me! That shower looks awesome! I think I would never ever come out of it had I one like yours! Color sage for the kitchen is great! I love those colors - unfortunately they are not so popular over here - people are more conservative... Thanks for joining my blog. I am happy to follow yours! Looking forward to seeing more of the transformation of your lovely house! Christa

  2. By the way: I shall put you on my lovely blog list...

  3. Thanks for your comment Christa, and also for following mine.....I think you might me right about the shower especially as the one we have now leaves a lot to be desired. Annie

  4. Hi Annie,
    I love your plans for your bathroom and kitchen, and I will look forward to seeing the finished results. They will be well worth waiting for! How lucky you are to be working and living where we went on holiday it is such a wonderful place and now I can enjoy views of Scotland through your blog too!
    Sarah x

  5. Hi Sarah, I too look forward to the finished results have renovated properties my whole adult life, but living in a building sites becomes harder the older you are. Likewise you live in a lovely part of the worls too, I love your part of the country you definately have it warmer :-)
    Annie x


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