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getting high

The weather has been stunning recently and although we have lots to do in our new home, the unpredictable weather in Scotland means you grab the good days when they are here.
Andy loves to get high and loves climbing and bagging monroes especially now lots of them are on our doorstep, I am more than happy to hug the coast and walk the cliffs. So we decided to keep both of us  happy and did a great walk on the Ardamurchan peninsula.
Sparky loved it running back and forth through the heather probably covering twice the distance we walked. We basked in the sunshine and once again enjoyed some stunning views .
We saw a white tailed eagle too :-) on the drive home we stopped at a pub for a glass of wine and a pint, the pub was buzzing with tourists talking about their day, the glorious location and amazing weather, we sat with smug smiles: its oh so good to live here and not to be a tourist.
Below are some pictures taken


  1. Your photos make me want to go to Europe again - 2 more years until I retire and then we can explore it all.

  2. thanks for looking at my photo's :-)


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