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3 hours by the sea :-)

It was such a lovely stunning evening last night, so after Andy and I finished work we decided to make the most of it and head out.Along with sparky we jumped in the car and headed to a spot I love.
The sea was calm the sun shone and we had an amazing walk along the coast found little coves ( I even rolled up my jeans and dipped my toes in the water, it was cold but was very very clear and the sand covered in mussel and clam shells).We saw oyster catchers,geese,a ringed plover,eider ducks,stonechat and our first swallow of the season.As we headed out onto the headland the wind whistled round us, the view was stunning miles and miles of sheer wilderness.
Sparky jumped and frolicked to his hearts content as a dog he has a life of riley. ( I thought Riley was a great name for our next dog, sparky needs a canine companion ).
We went to the end of the point and just soaked up the beauty of it all, on the way back we stumbled across a geocahe hidden under some rocks, my first experience of one of these.
We explored another bay did a bit of beachcombing collected a few shells and slowly headed back passing a fishing hut with a hell of a view.
As we got nearer civalisation we met a few folks 3 young lads having an impromptu bbq on the beach, a chap who had caught a sea trout, a young girl herding in a flock of sheep for the evening.
We clambered back into the car and went home to a supper of mackeral, fennel and green beans, washed down with a glass of rose.
Andy and I slept like logs  :-)


  1. It sounds like a wonderful trip, the photos are beautiful. I remember your blog! I loved it when I first came across it, must be that highland blood I have. I've been very much out of touch with blogland (the reading part) for some time. It's nice to read yours again. Rachaelxx


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