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I have had my fair share of packing boxes, I just totted up how many times I have moved in my life so far, my recent move is the 16th , some of you I am sure can top that, some will have hardly moved at all. I am now living in my 3rd country.Various things in my life have prompted the moves, ambition, job, the grass been greener ( invariably it never was ).

Humans are a fickle species we fall in and out of love,some have nice traits kind,compassionate,forgiving, some have not so nice traits bitter,angry or jealous.

So when we find a companion with nice qualities and one who shares life dreams, life is good.
Simple pleasures become the things that make you happy: cooking a meal together and sharing a glass of wine, lazy chats in front of the fire, strolls on the shore.
I am a passionate gardener, I used to run my own landscaping business, so after renting for almost a year I am eager to get on with our new garden.It's small and quirky with lots of potential we have a spring and a stream running through it and it  backs  onto open woodland.With stunning views to the front.My imagination is running away with itself...... then there's inside we have decided to live in it just for now but my mind has already redesigned the kitchen and bathroom. Our first job is to paint the outside its been unloved for a while and is looking tatty round the edges. The paint is bought the first dry spell of weather and we will crack on.

I have no problems deciding how I would like to do things and if  ever I should get stuck I follow some amazing blogs that are sure to inspire me Art and Sand , Sea Cottage , gidgi shop, to name a few.

In the meantime some of the boxes are unpacked and making our  home begins :-)

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