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The west coast of Scotland has been enjoying amazing weather!  wall to wall sunshine and perfect blue skies :-) and an unbelievable warm breeze.

Whilst I have been busy painting the outside of the house, Andy is working away in India and missing the blissful weather that is honouring Glencoe.( Athough he has it much warmer than here)

I took a couple of days holiday to spend time with our latest visitors.

Today is most definately the day that I took the most scariest photo of my son.

His girlfriend bought him a bungee jump for his birthday. So all three of us set off  for a stunning drive through the highlands to Killiecrankie and I was most definately the most nervous ......my now 20 year old son, voluntarily threw himself off a bridge ! A fall of 40m, Palms sweating and heart a fluttering....(.me not my son)  I took this photo

After a lovely drive home we all ate a scrummy tea in the garden watching the yachts bobbing about on the sea, followed by a couple of glasses of rose :-)  and basking in the warm sunshine :-)


  1. At first I thought you were the one bungee jumping and I thought your were nuts. Twenty year olds have no fear. It sounds like you had a pretty nice day.

  2. There is no way I would have done that, it was bad enough watching. The weather has been stunning here its 10.37am here and the garden thermometer is reading 32 degrees.
    My son and his girlfriend came for a short visit, yes a ovely day was had :-)


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