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Loch Awe (some)

Just feeling the need to share the awesome
weekend I have just had.
Spent a long weekend paddling and wild camping
in some stunning scenery.

We set off on a sunny saturday morning
for the drive north.
Unloaded the car, loaded the canoe and
set off on the start of a lovely
long weekend. A paddle around some islands.
The discovery of an amazing derelict castle,
which we would explore the next day.
Then we set up camp on the shore of the loch.
Supper was eaten a fire lit and a sunset watched.....bliss.
Awoke the next day to this view

A mirror like loch was to greet us, some great
paddling and island exploration
a break for lunch and then we headed further
north up Loch Awe to look for a place to
camp for the night.
Another perfect location was found,a place
to pitch the tent that enabled a stunning sunset
and sunrise to be watched,with a 1am interlude
to star gaze. Some of the best star gazing I have ever done.
The clear unpolluted skies were abound with stars
that were reflected in the cool still loch water.
To the point it made one dizzy to look at them,
all perspective of what was up and down lost as
we located various constellations.
The next morning after an apprehensive sleep
(the island was also the location of a chapel
and graveyard that goes back as far as the
seventh century, whilst on a dusk exploration
the evening before I did get quite spooked by it)
we awoke to another stunningly sunny day, sadly our last
our final paddle up this amazing Loch was utterly
amazing the scenery was just magical
below are some of my favourite pics taken on the trip
courtesy of my partner Andy

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