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transitional period

one way ticket to ???? please.

Life changes abound at the moment, just spent 3 hours trawling
colleges for my son and job sites for myself. A big move ahead.
 Do our life dreams change why is it that something that meant the
world to us, becomes a life compromise?.

I have moved lots in my life some forced upon me as a
child some of my own free adult will, I always wondered
if the grass would be greener, my quality of life better etc.
 My motto in my life is to never look back and wonder
 "what if" so I take the gamble and the risk.
So far in my life there have been ups and downs maybe
 some moves weren't the best choices but I learnt
 lessons(hopefully). I have quite a few adventures
that I also want to achieve this year,so with a house
 move back to England and another potential career
change( my cv is starting to emulate "war and peace")
2010 should prove interesting :-)

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