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going....going......gone !!!

A different way to spend a saturday morning

A friend of mine was going to an auction and asked me
 if I fancied coming along.I have never been to an auction
 in my life so snapped at the chance. It was in the next village.
 The auction was for charity and everything there had been
 donated. On first entering the hall , it looked a bit like a car
 boot/table top sale with lots of items with little white numbered
stickers on. Boxes of mismatched crockery,lamps,pictures etc etc.
 I mooched round the hall amused at some things people
had donated. The viewing time up we took our seats
I had been intrigued by lot 197 I was drawn to it straight
away and thought depending what the starting price was I may bid.

The auctioner struck the gavel and we were off

I was completely fascinated in a strong scottish accent at the
 speed of sound he rattled through, 5,10,15,20 going once,
twice 30,35,40 going once, twice gone !!! sold to the gentleman
back left,red hat. I was entranced at watching the auctioneer
 and then people putting their hands up or nodding or whatever
 their technique was to bid.It didn't seem that long until lot 197
was finally upon us. Before I knew it I was bidding my hand
 joining in with the others and now I am the very proud owner of....

a circa 1920's scythe !
Ok so some may think this a strange buy. I love gardening
 with a passion and used to run my own landscaping
buissiness not that long ago. I love old wooden tools
 and implements and  in the not too distant future it will
adorn one of the walls of my cottage by the sea :-)

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