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cosy october, fancy a cuppa ?

The stream is fast flowing in the garden just now.

The sweet peas on their last flourish.

It's cold out come on in .....wipe your feet

The stoves on have a seat.....

I'll just go put the kettle on.


  1. Very cosy indeed! Love your stream too. Can't beat the sound of water in the garden. Hope it's not been too stormy up there today.

  2. That stove! It looks so cosy and welcoming, just perfect to come back to on a cold, stormy day. x

  3. So cozy in your place! I loooove that doormat and the way your dog looks into the cam is just awesome... We have started to put on our kettle too - although I must admit it is still rather warm outside and as far as I have heard the cold is not in sight yet... what a pity! Have a good time and enjoy! Christa


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