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Spring :-)

Basking in that invigorated after a lovely weekend feeling.

Living so close to the mountains is stunning but we have to wait till March till the sun makes it over the top, into our garden and then streams through our windows too. Saturday was that day.

Andy  had a climbing buddy up for the weekend so on Saturday clad with crampons and ice axes they aimed to get high and did the peak Bienn Fhiannlaidh.

I did housework and took the dog a lovely long walk.I had to work at a local Fiddle Raleigh but joined them in a local pub that evening. The Claichaig Inn ,  with the healthy glow of a day on the hills washed down by a few pints of local ale and a live band playing and new friends made, they were enjoying the craic. I arrived to taxi them home and catch the end of the band.

Sunday we decided to go skiing I used to love skiing (30 years ago). We have been meaning to go ever since we moved up here but never seemed to get round to it.
So with borrowed kit off we went. Ok so I quickly mastered snowploughs and kind of parallel turns I  quickly progressed from gentle to beginners and I never fell once. Andy keen to get me up higher we tackled a higher slope .......hmmmm ok so I need more practice.

I am sure I will ache all over tomorrow using muscles I have long since forgotten about !

So invigorated after a lovely weekend we headed out with the pooch for an early morning walk by the loch. A nice sunny spring morning :-)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend here's to a sunny week.


  1. It is absolutely spectacular where you live.

    We are going skiing on Wednesday since there was finally rain in our area which means snow in the Sierras.

    1. Thank you Carol .....hmmm I am sure the Sierras are in a different league to Scotland have fun :-)

  2. That sounds a wonderful weekend those images are just wonderful. It must have been wonderful visiting that lovely pub at the end of the day and catching the end of the band. What is a fiddle raleigh?
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah
      It was a great weekend. A fiddle Raleigh is an annual event up here where fiddlers from all over Scotland come together think there were about 40 of them and put on a concert together .
      Annie x

  3. What a beautiful place to live. I hope you are much recovered from skiing by now.


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