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sewing bee

There is a programme on TV called The Great British sewing bee  which has reinsipred me to get my sewing machine out. I used to make clothes ,curtains, blinds, cushions etc. but somewhere along the line lost my mojo for it.
The programme has reminded me how much I used to love it.
With our cottage coming to the stage where I am almost ready to make curtains, I thought I'd dust off my machine and get my sewing basket out.
We have just ordered a new sofa and armchair and footstool and with the material samples for the sofa and cushions I rustled up a heart. I then repaired a few cushions Rannoch had chewed when he was a pup and I have the bug again........my mind buzzing with new projects.

 What's the last thing you rustled up. ?


  1. How lovely to look forward to a period of creativity after all your hard work. I finished off a throw for the bed and two cushions to match in a pretty material.

    1. Its almost time for all the finishing touches ...cushions, blinds and curtains to make.

  2. I am really enjoying the GBSB, it's such good tv. Although I have to say they are so scarily good that I'm almost put off doing any sewing! It's great that you were inspired to be creative though. x

    1. I love it.....time to get some clothes patterns me thinks !


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