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Laying in bed last night hearing the rain hammering on the roof and skylights trying to read.
I  decided to make a cup of tea it was late almost midnight.
On returning with my cuppa I opened the velux blind to gaze at the rain just to see how bad it was outside the wind was howling too.
I actually had to take a double take.
I have never even heard of them till I googled it after my experience.
There it was in all its magnificence, I was actually in awe of its beauty.

It had a luminescence about it, silvery white in colour I could just about make out some of the colours.

A Moonbow !

Well I scampered back down the stairs and grabbed my camera.
I CLICKED away and then checked hmmm nothing. I opened the velux window to be met by wind and rain hitting me hard in the face. Determinedly I clicked away again, sadly again no amazing picture captured.
Ok so maybe Andy is right I need to read my camera manual.
I had no idea how to take the shot to capture it.
Apparently I needed to do a long exposure.
So unfortunately I have no amazing photo to add to the blog :-(

I closed the velux window warmed my hands on my cup of tea and just gazed at it.
The low cloud blocked it for a while but for about 45mins I just gazed.

Have you ever seen a Moonbow ?


  1. I have never heard of that. I bet it was just wonderful to sit and take it in. I know every time I see a rainbow I am in awe. I don't care how many times I see one, I still feel that way. Would love to see this.

  2. How cool! I've never heard of it either. Read that manual!

  3. Your words of this phenomenon are almost enough to 'get the picture' so to speak, but hopefully another time you do get a photo. Like you Annie, I'm never reedy to capture unusual weather in a rush - and I so dislike trying to decipher manuals, I just don't have the patience!!!

    Mary X

    1. me neither Mary I have no patience at all :-)
      Annie x

  4. I have never heard of a moonbow! It must have looked so magical despite the wind and the rain! Sarah x

  5. How wonderful to see, sorry you didn't get a photo.


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