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we're going on a bear hunt........

Yikes where did August go it  seem ages since I have blogged.
Work, doing up a cottage and weekends away and voila September !
Andy and I decided to have an "us" day we don't get as many as we would like.
A bear hunt it wasn't so sorry if my title enticed you here under false pretences,
 we were going on a fossil hunt.
A local blog that Andy follows talked of a local beach where fossils can be found.
I have a small collection they intrigue me, so thoughts of finding one locally excited us.
The last one I found was on a French beach many years ago.
So off we went a short ferry ride to Ardnamurchan and a drive through stunning scenery.
 A casual stroll amongst the pebbles, we  gazed into clear rock pools.
Rannoch chased shoreline birds, went swimming and played with seaweed.

We saw a vast array of rocks and stones geologically the area is very interesting.
Sadly no fossils that day but I am sure we will return.
Today gales are battering our shores so it seems weird writing this blog and looking at the photo's,
that were only taken yesterday. The warmth of the sun shining down on us, the layers disappeared.
We left the beach and made our way through a waist high nettle field ( ouch ) to the lane that would get us
back to the car. The hedgerows brimming with shiny berries. We came across a lovely doer upper.
We headed back to car, stopping to have an ice cream from the tiny local shop.
Ardnamurchan lighthouse was our next stop.
The weather was now changing clouds started to fill the blue skies we watched as yachts and boats went by
The icing on the cake which more than made up for not finding a fossil
a pod of playful dolphin's gave us a great display as they swam by.


  1. I think the location would have made my day, with or without fossils, especially if you can go back and try again! The pictures of the shoreline look wonderful.
    Blowing a gale here too.. hey ho.

  2. A pod of dolphins is magical anytime. I never tire of watching the dolphins play in the surf.

    Not only is it now September, but it is half over. Time is flying.

  3. Your day out looks just as fun as going on a bear hunt, that used to be one of my daughters favourite books! Sorry you didn't find any fossils but those pod of dolphins must have made up for it.
    Sarah x

  4. It sounds like a wonderful day out, and to top it all off berries, ice cream and a pod of dolphins.

  5. What a lovely day out. I love Ardnamurchan and hubby and I have had lots of holidays there-I still miss it and long to go back! Sorry you didn't find any fossils, but seems like you had a great day anyway.

  6. Your pictures are enticing - next time I am sure a fossil will be waiting there for you to find it.


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