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Italia Part Two

We hired a car to travel North to the Mountains for a week.
A free upgrade to a white sporty Alfa Romeo awaited us, we loaded up and headed off.
A slight detour to Lake Garda ......
It was a hot sunny windy day a surfers paradise.

After a lovely lunch watching the surfers we continued North.
Choosing small local roads so we could take in castles and vineyards en route.
We arrived in Ortisei a great little town our apartment was gorgeous with breath taking views.
We mooched around the town the first day.
The buildings painted in pretty pastel colours
The next day we explored a bit further some of the old barns were totally amazing.
 I fell in love with them

We had dined out a lot in Verona so chose to rustle up food in the apartment,
 pasta and risotto's with lots of local produce washed down with a glass or two of wine.
And last but by no means least we went for the mountains so of course we had to get up high.
Some scary cable car rides and a breath taking funicular railway took us part way up.
Some stunning views were to be had the 11 mile walk been totally worth it.
 2,200 metres is the highest I have ever got to by foot.
Our week there was amazing and I really didn't want to leave the quirky cute
 little town with its steep and windy lanes.
Next stop Milano ....
Will save that for the next blog.


  1. Your free upgrade sounds fun and lake Garda must have made a great detour. Your apartment looks fantastic.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah
      It was a great detour, but so busy packed with people. Great to see though. x

  2. That is such a lovely area to visit - were you near to Bolzano? a place I have visited.

    1. We drove through Bolanzo but didn't stop there.

  3. Oh my! I have never been to Italy, but I NEED to go. Beautiful!

  4. I love the look of your holiday, what fabulous photos.

    1. Hi, Thanks we took over 800 photo's so you are only see a few.

  5. Hello Annie, I love the photos of your wonderful holiday! That walk sounds tiring but the rewards were obviously worth it! Love those beautiful chalets. Nice to be taken there:) Bye for now Jane

    1. Hello Jane

      Thanks for popping by my blog, and leaving a comment. It was lovely to be taken there. :-)


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