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Italia ......

Wow now where do I begin........

I love Italy and had the pleasure of working for an Italian travel company many years ago.
I love Umbria and Tuscany have been to Rome, Pisa, Sienna, Florence to name just a few.
Andy and I planned a holiday to Italy with a bit of culture and Mountains to keep us both happy.

We had 2 days in Verona a week in Ortisei and a couple of days in Milan before heading home.

 We flew into  Milan for our train journey to Verona it was a very hot humid day.
We got the train to Milan Train station which is awesome !
Then the Freccia Bianca to Verona. Then a short taxi ride to our apartment here.
Which was in the old medieval part of the city and just a 10 minute walk to the centre.

Freshening up quickly we headed for the sights. Not wanting to waste a minute of our time there.
Verona is a stunningly beautiful city I am totally in love with it, it has knocked Sienna of the number 1 favourite Italian city spot.

We took over 800 photo's so it has been very hard to choose the ones for this blog.

So Verona.........

Beautiful narrow cobbled streets with buildings washed in paint colours of burnt ochres and umbers.
With old wooden shutters and wrought iron balconies spilling over with ivy and brightly coloured geraniums.

Towers and Domes and chapel's and jaw dropping architecture round every corner.

An impromptu picnic sat on a wall watching the world go by, mozzarella, rocket and tomato pizza just oozing flavour.

Below the Romeo and Juliette balcony, apparently never used by them ?

The only time I have ever graffitied

Drinks by the Arena ......

The breath taking Ponte Scaligero bridge.

I wanted to share so many more photo's but the above sum up our couple of days there
Will do another couple of posts for the other two parts of our holiday soon.


  1. Oh, how I envy you. My sister was just in the Pisa area for a wedding and now I see your photos. Maybe 2 years away - I hope.

    1. I love Italy, I hope you get to go, you'll love it.


  2. Thanks for sharing your photos. It looks like such a romantic place to visit. X.

    1. There's more photos to come ;-). Verona is a beautiful romantic city. x

  3. What a lovely looking holiday you have had, such amazing photos can't wit to see more.

    1. The next blog photo's are so different too. The Dolomites and snow brrrr x

  4. That looks a fantastic apartment where you stayed. Verona looks wonderful my parents once visited there too and loved it.
    Sarah x

    1. It was lovely Sarah and just a 10 minute stroll into Verona :-)

  5. You are right: Romeo and Juliet never used that balcony because they were fictional characters and never exiusted. Also that house once was a brothel (Juliet never lived there) The balcony was added in 1920, when the ex brothel was freed from weeds and climbing plants and turned into a tourist attraction. No Juliet... No Romeo... no balcony. Shakespeare made it all up! SAD!




  6. Thanks for all that info Anna
    Ciao Annie x

  7. LOOKS lovely- have never been to Italy but its on my would love to visit list!

    getting scrabble out ready for Saturday - thanks popping over XXX

  8. Hi Lisa

    Thanks for your comment, hope Italy makes it to the top of your list.

    Annie x


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