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and breathe.....

Not had chance to post on here for a while, or catch up reading all your great blogs.
Work has been really stressful, writing 2 funding bids with not enough hours in the day.
Then doing a house up when there's time too.
So met my second deadline Monday lunchtime :-)

After work the sun was glistening on the sea and the warmth was finally in the air
Andy suggested a walk to one of the locals pubs for a relaxing drink here
So sipping a chilled glass of rose in the sun on the jetty we relaxed ..........

Then a lovely walk home.



  1. Nice to hear from you and see your lovely pictures that is a fantastic one of Rannoch admiring the view!
    Sarah x

    1. thank you for popping by :-)
      yep it is have it on my facebook page too and its got lots of comments.

      Annie x


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