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Andy  who is a bit of an Astronomy geek, wanted to see Pan-STARRS comet.So on monday
evening we wrapped up warm, made a flask of coffee took some chocolate and headed
     to the beach with friends.

The sky was clear ......we looked and looked...
We shivered and shivered, coffee and chocolate consumed....
 getting colder and colder we gave up after 2 hours.

Not to be defeated we gave it another go we drove down to Cuil Bay earlier this evening.
Wrapped up warm and eager, the sky was clear and we were hopeful.
We parked the car and  and scanned the sky and......

There it was

It was a lovely evening so we lingered after the comet had set and took a couple of photo's
of the stunning moon.

For a way more technical explanation of it all if it interests you check out Andy's blog


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    1. Thank you, I was surprised at how excited I got when I spotted it in the binoculars :-)

  2. Such a nice thing to, lovely photos.

  3. Wow! I read about this but didn't think it would be quite so impressive. Perhaps I should be out looking for it too.

    I'm glad I found your blog. I love Scotland and have spent quite a bit of time travelling around the HIghlands. You are very lucky to live there.


    1. It was hard to see with the naked eye the pictues were taken with a 500mm lense but visible through binoculars.

      Thanks loving the highlands though it can be very wet here too, would have no problem keeping ducks rusty here ;-)

  4. I was just looking out of the window to see this comet and then there it was in front of my on the screen! It looks a beautiful setting to have seen it too. I'm glad you have had some good weather over the past few weeks and loved Andy's blog!
    Ssrah x

    1. Hi Sarah, hope all is well in your world ?
      Cuil Bay is a stunning place and one of my favourite local beaches. Thanks re Andys blog will let him know.
      Annie x

  5. Amazing! I heard about the comet, but I have come home late and tired every night and forgot to look for it. Thanks for sharing with me.

  6. Beautiful!
    Did you see any of the aurora this past week?
    Lot's of stuff going on up there!

    1. Hello Joy

      Didn't see it this week but we have seen it up here.


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