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Work has begun finally .......the lovely workmen who are installing our central heating arrived this morning and work has begun.
They completed the base for the oil tank.

They successfully struggled with the oil tank up the steep garden steps.

Andy and I went kitchen and new bathroom shopping and I came home with piles of shiny brochures, gosh there is so much
to choose from, we have settled on a painted kitchen we now just have to agree on a colour.
My oldest son is visiting just now during summer break from uni.So whilst the sun shined we went to the beach for a walk.
There was a fish net trap just offshore.
We beachcombed for a while and I collected some small pieces of driftwood for a mobile.
I found some seaglass :-) which I have an idea for.
We soaked up some sun whilst I played with pebbles and shells


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  2. Your photographs are amazing and I can't get over how close you are to the water. Good luck with all the work on your home.

  3. thanks re the photo's the sea is very close :-) the work continues walls have been knocked down to make way for the new bathroom.A


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