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Sunny Sunday

Yeah no grey today ...
Today has been one of those blissful perfect Sundays.
Awoke to sunshine and believe me when you live on the west coast of Scotland those mornings
are few and far between.
We breakfasted on honey and oatmeal toast and kippers.
We took Sparky a walk along the shore the gulls and curlews and oystercatchers a plenty.
A trip up the coast to Glencoe. Called into a craft and coffee shop for a browse and of course the obligitory coffee and cake. Then a lovely coastal walk with a (sit and stare)moment on the rocks.While we soaked up some sun and a stunning view.
We drove home I started to prepare our evening meal, whilst Andy went for a quick kayak round the islands......the sun started to set.
We ate a lovely meal sipped a reserve rioja, as the sun set and the chill of a highland evening kicked in......we stoked the log fire refilled our glasses ......and the local owl could be heard outside....a perfect end to a perfect sunny sunday :-)


  1. What a lovely day!

    Sorry you didn't get the quick kayak. We wanted to paddle yesterday because it was 80 degrees, but it was too windy.

    30 years ago my husband was in Scotland working in the oil business. We debated whether we should move there for a few years, but I was pregnant and we were told it was so gray there all of the time. In some ways I regret not taking the opportunity. We would have lived in Aberdeen.

  2. I didn't get the kayak for a good reason sold my boat the day before as getting a new one :-)
    Aberdeen is on the opposite coast to us and gets totally different weather. When the sun shines here it is absolutly stunning and we saw the sea eagle twice that day too. So jealous of your 80 degrees.
    thank you for your comment.


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