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A weekend's ramblings.....Saturday morning the snow had arrived,none the less I was on a major mission to get a diy job done at home, I braved the roads before the snow really settled in, 2 hours later returning from the builders merchants laden with bricks, sand and cement with a few slippery skids in the snow I was glad my little car made it up the hill home, albeit on a wing and a prayer and several wheel spins! I wasted no time and started straight away on building a hearth .....it will be lovely to have a roaring fire in the dining room at christmas :-).DIY was followed by a saunter in the snow great for clearing the mind of all lifes annoying clutter, a bit of time to brush off the snow and warm up and then out to a lovely home cooked meal with a friend, great conversation and washed down with a wee bit of wine....Sunday morning more snow, stage two of hearth building hmmmm this proved a tad challenging moving a rather heavy slab of sandstone from the garden to its new home, a few precarious toe squashing manoeuvres and all was done....cleaned up and into the kitchen to rustle up some nice comforting food for this wintry weather. Sadly an afternoon catching up with the ironing was in store!then an impromptu call from a friend asking if I wanted to join her to watch a local folk group, boy that was a hard decision (not) huge pile of ironing v an afternoon folk session(glass of wine banter with friends) needless to say my ironing pile awaits.A great toe tapping session a catch up with folks not seen for a while,interseting chats about learning new languages and accents and a great tale about "furry boots". " An english woman on a bus near Aberdeen unable to understand the chit chat on the bus as the accent was strong/fast with a drawl that challenged her ear.The lady on the next seat asked her " furry boots de ca fra" totally confused as to what on earth her travelling companion was on about and where furry boots came into it?, she helplessly smiled and shrugged. On explaining to a friend later that evening she was merely being asked " where abouts do you come from "......I loved that tale as in the six years I have lived in Scotland I have had many "furry boots" moments.Anyway rambling almost over walked home enjoyed a scrummy tea and caught up on the phone with my geographically challenged partner.
Ta da ! my weekend rambling over....Monday woke up more snow.....

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