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Just read a blog post about slowing down and enjoying life, this is quite apt for me just now as a very good friend has made me feel like I am wanting my life to move on too quickly. So this has put me in a reflective mood about patience. I know I am impatient, when I get something in my head I just run with it and think about it afterwards. This has served me well so far in life, I believe if one thinks about something too long you may never do it at all. I googled patience quotes and came across these two that struck a chord

" follow your heart,but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart"

" patience is something you admire in the car behind you, but not the driver in front"

I am working from home today as I have frozen pipes in the house !!! and on the advice of a plumber have heaters pointing at the walls, seems to be working so far. Have my fingers crossed they dont burst. Lots of snow here still in Scotland with the most perfect clear blue sky, sat here gazing over the hills as I type and the view is stunning. Filled the bird feeders this morning and have had robins,blackbirds, blue tits,nuthatch and a siskin or two come to snack so far.

ok so back to work have had way too much time to reflect.

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