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le weekend

Brrr another chilly weekend see two above pics taken, the first one looking down my lane towards the frozen river the other of the adjacent graveyard gates.
It was a weekend to wrap up and stay by the fire, really wanted to chill and enjoy the weekend :-). As I was dreading Monday .....monday meant back to work and two days hard slog filling funding applications in !
Had a trip out and about on saturday with a girlfriend shops, coffee etc :-) :-) home to a scrummy tea night by the fire, feet up and a movie. Sunday....yikes!!!.....this came round way too quick was starting to feel down about the thoughts of work uggghhh.
A friend came round and dragged me out a long snowy walk (I hasten to add its usually me doing the dragging) but feeling somewhat blue lately about the lack of control I have over my life.For once my friend was dragging me.........

I can remember back to teenage years and being told what to do and thinking " gosh I can't wait to grow up so I can do what I want" how niaeve I was. Ok so yep I now well and truely qualify as "grown up" but there are way more repercussions if I really do what I want. A couple of people are in control of one area of my life that would make me happy and neither actually realise how much. Waiting for my house to sell and my job to improve both of which leave me living in frustrated limbo land.
.........the walk was exactly what I needed brisk walk ...face numb with the cold I returned home, a few chores, ironing and the like and a coffee ( from my great new coffee percolater brill xmas pressie)

Monday dawned layered up for my walk to the office, to be greeted with frozen pipes, so sauntered back up the hill to form fill at home. Which after this blog interlude I will resume.

Lessons learnt ......

I have great friends :-)

Walking definately does lift the spirit

I need to chill at the pace others achieve things

I need to achieve my own happiness and not be so dependant!

Smile lots and be really grateful for good friends, coffee perculators, people who challenge me and all the great adventures 2010 will bring.

ciao ....with bells on :-)

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