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way overdue catchup

Where has the time gone.....
Can't believe it's March since I last blogged
Photo catch up will be easier lots has been happening.

I got a new job .....I love it
Had a weekend away for Andy 's Birthday
Lots more done on our home.
My older son graduated ....I am so proud.
Lots of getting out and enjoying the Highlands.
Oh and we got another dog :-), Rannoch has a companion.

so my new job involved helping to organise the first sheep races in Fort William

A lovely weekend away in Edinburgh for Andy's birthday

Our house is coming on .....

Then a very proud day

Out and about in the Highlands

And last but not least meet Dexter


  1. Hey! Welcome back!
    It's all looking good and love Dexter.

  2. Good to see you again - some lovely photos of beloved Scotland - my husband got his PhD from Glasgow University.

    1. Thank you its a lovely old University and the weather was gorgeous too.

  3. Steve did not believe me when I showed him the kayak photo. It is beautiful.

    Dexter would love playing with Lulu who is now a year old.

    1. Thanks Carol....not sure which kayak photo you mean. Rannoch and Dexter would love to play with her.

  4. Dexter looks a great companion for Rannoch. Congratulations on your new job, you have been very busy over the last few months.
    Sarah x


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