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finishing touches

Its now time to start thinking of furniture.
We have lived with the old worn and in much need of replacing furniture whilst we do up our cottage.
The upstairs of our cottage is almost done ...have some bedroom furniture ordered.
So with the kitchen floor complete, we have almost decided which oak boards to order for the lounge and dining room.I can start to plan the look I would like.(actually been planning for ages)
We live in the Highlands so something warm and cosy and practical is whats needed we have a large dog and visiting children. Andy bought 2 antique marine charts which we are going to frame they will be quite large 1mx 800mm and are of local areas I love them. The unit below is 2m long and will fit on the stairs wall perfectly.One of the prints over this would be perfect.

I love this sofa although I fancy a slightly darker charcoal colour.

I would love 2 of these lamps on the sideboard

I aim to make a door curtain out of one of these or something similiar

and cant decide which chair to go for what do you think ?

 A small amount of diy first fill and sand the walls and paint, replace skirting boards and box in some pipes, then get the furniture ordered its finally starting to become a home throw in some eclectic bits and bobs and voila ! Oh and do we go for wooden shutters or roman blinds ? Its a nice square room with a small square window on opposite walls so we get the morning sun in one and the setting sun with sea view through the other. ( The sun shines occasionally in the Highlands )   :-)


  1. How fun to be coming to the end of a big project. I love that long cabinet and your choice of lamps. I would go with the leather chair. I love the look of the chair itself and I love leather as it ages and looks lived in.

    I prefer wooden shutters to blinds, but the important thing that nothing blocks your views or the sun,

    1. Thanks Carol and I agree with you on both counts ,my only reservation with the wooden shutters was the dust that gets created by a log burner, don't wnt to spend hours cleaning them !

  2. That's the best part of the refurbishments is those finishing touches! I do love the first chair but we have found the leather chairs are so much more practicable if you have dogs that get on the furniture! Sarah x

    1. Yes Sarah it most definitely is almost 2 years on and so looking forward to the finishing touches.

  3. I love all the pieces you've selected. I adore the plaid chair with the tufting but I've always wanted a leather chair so I say both!

    1. Thank you .....funny you should say that, we were finding it a hard choice and were wondering if we had space for both. :-)

  4. Good morning Annie! (at least it's morning for me here in the midwestern USA!)

    I love the idea that you live in the Highlands, in a cottage. I am a "Europhile" and especially love France, since I am a French teacher. But my dream before I leave the earth is to go up your way, to see what I believe is one of the last untouched places. How marvelous that you are renovating your cottage, and your furniture LOVE is strikingly beautiful! That leather couch looks like the right choice, and you can always put a cashmere throw on it!

    Thank you kindly for coming by my post and for commenting. I am so happy that you enjoyed the photos; I love trying to mix interests such as gardening, furnishings and nature with fashion as well, to please a range of guests. But what I love the most is adding words and music...many thanks.

    Enjoy a lovely day up in the highlands - a most magical place. Anita

  5. I love those lamps, they will look beautiful, I'd go for wooden shutters too over blinds as blinds have to be moved out of the way and catch far too much dust! It's so lovely when your are nearing the end of a project-selecting the furniture and finishings is great and my favourite part. I love both chairs but leather always looks so good and is easier to wipe clean. We have a big old leather sofa, it's years old but has pets on it, tv dinners from it, things spilt on it, a cat was sick on it, and it cleans easily-Once a year I use a restorative cream and it looks almost new.

  6. LEATHER CHAIR! looks fab... Thanks for book tip off! XX

  7. Love the idea of door curtains - I need one to cut the cold air seeping in through my back door - a project a need to address in time for next winter!
    Love leather chairs, hubby has one, but have to say that beautiful wool (?) upholstered one looks SO cozy for the Highlands………I can see you tucked into it with a lovely fringed throw on a cold night! Can you get both perhaps?

    Hugs - Mary

    1. Hi Mary
      Unfortunately our room is not huge 15ft x 15ft so we are going to get the big furniture 1st and then one chair and if it looks ok we will get the other :-)


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