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poorly pooch and an almost finished kitchen

I have had to take a days holiday today.
Rannoch cut open his pad last week.
Trip to the vets and more stiches, over the weekend it got worse.
So day off and tootle up to the vets again :-(

More medication and a plastic collar and back in a couple of days.
Giving him lots of tlc and the odd bit of cheese.
He is not happy with the collar and is desperate to get to his wound.
The vet recommended a sock to stop him, hmm not working at all.
Just adding to his frustration.
and mine.....lost count of how many times I have put it back on.

Having a very stressful day.

In a moment of calm his frustration has tired him .......doggy nap.

I have taken a couple of photo's of the kitchen.
Remember I wanted a grey painted kitchen ?
You will see who won the battle.
We spent ages sourcing the tiles we wanted and are very happy with them
Peacock slate, random sizes and unfortunately for our tiler random thickness too !

Contemplating lighting running round the kickboard next.
We still need to paint one feature wall and get a splashback for the hob
I fancy an aubergine type colour on the wall with a glass splashback.

Take a look at my pebble bowl.
Not sure if I have mentioned it before.
Since we moved to the highlands everyone who visits has to leave us a message.
Written on a pebble from the beach :-)
My view from the kitchen is lovely, direct view over the Loch.
Its dusk here now but you can still make it out on the photo.
Another proper blog when its complete.

Dog nap over and another battle with a sock commences !


  1. Poor Rannoch I don't blame him hating the plastic collar, Daisy hates them too. I remember reading about alternative collars ( google alternative plastic dog cones). It maybe to late to help you this time but might be useful in the future! Your kitchen looks lovely and that's a great idea with the pebbles.
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah will google alternative collars x

  2. Like Sarah I just love the idea with the pebbles!! And what a fantastic view from the sink. Hope Rannoch heals quickly, for his sake and yours.

    1. Hello, thanks for popping by :-) Hope Rannoch heals quickly too !

  3. Brilliant idea with the pebbles. Sorry your dog is unwell and frustrated with the collar. Hope the paw clears up soon-it can be tricky. Your kitchen looks great.

    1. I love my pebble bowl, its nice to look through, brings back great memories of friends and family visiting :-)

  4. Your poor little puppy, it must be very painful. Love the look of your new kitchen and the pebble bowl.

    1. Thanks for your comment :-) back to the vets tomorrow with pooch.

  5. Sorry to learn about your dog and hope he is soon mended.
    The pebble bowl is a lovely idea.
    I am a great fan of Nigel Slaters too.

    1. Sock shenanigans today ! with the pooch.
      The pebble bowl is proving popular.
      Like watching his show too.

  6. I love real oak kitchens; they look so much nicer than painted grey ;o) xx

  7. Poor dog. The sock seems like a good idea, too bad it isn't working. So much better than the collar. I was wreck the whole time my cat had to wear a collar. I was sure he was going to hang himself.

    The kitchen looks great! I like the wood alongside the stone. I also like the shelf with the metal bar underneath. It seems very handy.

  8. Having quite a stressful time with him ....
    Thanks for your comments about my kitchen, learning to live with oak even though my dream kitchen would be grey !

  9. Hi Annie, Hope things are calming down for you and your puppy's foot is healing. Our son and daughter in law had a similar idea to your pebbles for their wedding. All the guests wrote a short message. I love it for visitors like you have it. Your kitchen looks lovely and so neat and tidy! Bye for now Jane . PS Hope the dreich weather has up and left :)

    1. Hi Jane, vets again this morning .....now manuka honey and more bandages and socks. The weather alas is still very dreich :-(

  10. Oh, I love the pebble bowl idea!

    The floor looks great and I hope doggie is better.

    1. Hi Carol, thanks re the bowl :-) sadly no he's not better yet :-(

  11. Hi Annie, have missed keeping up with you but see you haven't posted for a while anyway! Life is crazy busy - us with the holidays (just getting over Thanksgiving and lots of entertaining, now swamped by pre-Christmas stuff), you with you house reno etc.

    Anyway from one BOFA to another, sending Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings...........loved the Bergen pics.

    Hope you get back here soon and show us your lovely home.
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Hope Rannoch is all healed by now - woof!


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