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Catch up

Gosh life has been really busy lately.
Organising farm fun days in one of my jobs.
Getting deliveries of windows, doors and lights for the cottage.
Preparing for visitors Andy's mum, friends and our respective kids.
Blogging has taken a back seat.
So if you haven't noticed I am very much into collage photo's at the moment.
I find its a great way not to bore you all to death !
Let you catch up on what's going on
My garden still needs lots of work but its coming together slowly
The Gravel path has made all the difference.
The fully glazed new back doors let the light flood in
Lots more pics to follow soon.
It's surreal living in the highlands and those of you that do will know all about
Highland time.......things happen when they happen and not before
I work in the nearest town about a 30 min drive away, its a pretty amazing
drive to work. The road is coastal and I have a sea loch at the side of me the
whole journey, with mountains, lighthouses etc. en route.
There is only one way for me to get to work, the road network in the highlands
is somewhat limited. So I drove to work yesterday and then due to the road being closed
for 9 hours. It meant a ride home in the dark on a very fast rhib.
Anyway enough of my chatter there is a huge pile of ironing and a glass of chilled rose
with my name on :-)
Toodles for now Annie


  1. The rose sounds more fun than the laundry.

    Hope you have had some time to kayak.

    1. Hi Carol

      Thanks for dropping by :-)
      Chilled rose was lovely its been very warm and muggy here.
      Sadly seemed to have lost my mojo for kayaking, since my incident, my confidence needs building back up again.


  2. It all looks so very pretty, what a lovely way to start your work day off with a pretty drive, much better than sitting on the motorway.

    1. Way better than been stuck in traffic or on a motorway, and for that I am truely grateful.

  3. You are lucky to have a scenic drive, I can visualize the beauty of the loch and mountains....and is there heather and gorse growing on the hillsides at this time of year?
    Your doggie looks very serious in that collage - nice though.
    I love my chilled vin rose at this time of year - I seem to have gone through several bottles lately on these 90 degree evenings!

    Hugs - Mary

    1. I know Mary and I really appreciate it, a little late for the heather and gorse that was about a month ago.Been exceptionally hot here too, and snap re the vino.

      Annie x

  4. It would take me ages to get to work as I'd be stopping all the time to look at something!

    1. Hmmm takes me ages sometimes too, all the tourists stopping to take photos at this time of year :-)

  5. Hi Annie it's nice to hear from you again with the lovely weather I have been spending less time on the computer too! That sounds an exciting journey home.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, lovely to hear from you too.
      Exciting and scary !
      Annie x

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