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 I  wasn't going to blog about this but as this blog is turning into a kind of diary I thought I would.

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Loss....My uncle who was also mine and my eldest son's godfather sadly died recently
 and his funeral was yesterday. My two sons and I travelled south to attend.

As we sang abide with me I glanced across at the coffin ......
tears flowed down my cheeks and that horrible heart/gut wrenching feeling overwhelmed me.
Memories came flooding back, his visits, my children jumping on his knee when they
were little. The van my dad and him hired to help move me to Ireland and the long drive
they uncomplainingly did ( them being Irish any excuse for them to go back 
and they would anyway ). I come from a large Irish family and it's 15 years at least since
I had seen some of my family. It was nice to catch up with them our sad loss had brought us
together. Greiving is a different experience for us all, life goes on. My uncle's own grandchildren
2 year old twins were running about oblivious to the whole experience.?

I drove back to my sons reflective and slightly numb, the thick fog and plummeting temperatures
bringing my mind back to the road. Staying with my sons another day :-) then continuing the drive
north to home tomorrow.


  1. A beautiful tribute to your much loved uncle. His memory will always remain in your heart.
    I lost a really good friend last August, and wrote about it on my blog. I found that it helped me, and all the comments were so warm and supportive. Take care.

    1. Thanks thought long and hard as to whether this was the appropriate place, so thankyou for your comment.

  2. Remembering the people we love keeps them in our hearts, although it hurts, it helps us with our own journey. The ultimate tribute is to be remembered for wonderful times together. It is good for us to write things down now and again...Thinking of you.

  3. So sorry to hear of your sad loss. It's so difficult losing someone dear to you, keep those memories close. Thinking of you.
    Sarah x

  4. Such a sad loss for you all, so sorry for you.

  5. I also wrote about a young friend of my daughter who died tragically. As a blogger I think it is sometimes good to reflect on the realities of life.
    I'm sorry for your loss.
    Penny x

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your sad news - take care and big hugs.

    Nina x

  7. I am sorry to hear about your loss, but it sounds like you have some wonderful memories of your uncle.

  8. Sorry to hear about your sad loss but i hope in time that the many happy and wonderful memories that you have of him will shine through the sadness of his passing take care


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