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just around the corner

Just around the corner is the weekend.......
If I stand on my tiptoes I can almost see it.
Today is my day off so catching up on household chores.
Have taken the dogs a walk in the rain.
Will make some time to curl up with a cuppa and look through some magazines.
Andy is also back from a buisiness trip tonight too :-)

So inspired by Sharon here I did this yesterday.

 Its been raining a lot up here, but I did find a splash of colour in the garden

most of the leaves have fallen, the stream is looking bare.

Rannoch having a nosey out of the window.
Would you believe they were the same size 5 months ago.

I have just had another peep and the weekend is even nearer
Hope you all have a great one :-)


  1. Have a great weekend! I love your inspired pot of plants.They do look good I haven't thought of having heather inside. I can't believe how much Rannoch must have grown in the last few months. They look so cute together.
    Sarah x

    1. Its the first time I have done heather inside too. :-)

  2. It's Saturday morning here and the weekend has started my other half is back from two weeks away. What a lovely garden you must have.

    1. Well hope your enjoying your weekend, have a good one with your other half. Our garden has lots of potential and cant wait to get cracking on but the cottage is taking priority just now.

  3. As usual, your photos are lovely. Your dogs look so cute!

    1. Thanks Carol or your comment and for dropping by :-)


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