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Gosh ...where has the time gone.
My oldest son was 21 at a the weekend.
So, said son and girlfriend, my other son and my Dad all came for a visit.
Scrummy supper when they arrived on friday night. Then a cosy catch up in front of the fire.


We wrapped up warm, as when we woke snow covered all the mountain tops ....brrrr
We visited Andy and I's favourite bird hide.So Rhys could try out his new binoculars.
We popped to one of our favourite haunts to warm up on homenade soup and bread for lunch.
Home for a warm up and change of clothes and out for a birthday tea.
Then back home for birthday cake and sparklers :-)

After breakfast and a lazy morning ...they began to drift off....
Of course this was all interspersed with 2 brothers bickering, a grandson and grandad with totally
different political beliefs each disputing their beliefs !
A five month old pup terrified of balloons.
Some fence posts put up in the garden and more birthday cake to be eaten .......but ....

what a great weekend :-)


  1. I glad you all had a great week, happy birthday to your son.

  2. What is a family get together without a lively political discussion and some childish bickering. ?

    It sounds wonderful.

  3. Hi Annie,
    Thank you for your lovely comment and don't your mountains look so different with a covering of snow - beautiful.
    I reply to my comments by actually going into my blog and looking at the comments. It then gives me the option to Reply or Delete under each comment.Hope this works for you too.
    Sarah x

  4. Sorry I meant toput my previous comment on the post above!
    Congratulations to your son on his 21st. My daughter has hers next year, a great age to be. Glad you had a good time altogether.
    Sarah x

  5. Hi Sarah ....Thanks for the birthday wishes for my son and the mountains are looking gorgeous.
    Sadly I only have the bin/delete icon have tried settings etc but dont seem to able to add reply :-(
    Annie x


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