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The Weekend

Gosh what a busy weekend.
A good weekend was promised weather wise so up we got at 6am
to take photo's of the sunrise.

It was really quite eerie as we are in rutting season and to hear the stags
calling was amazing, but they were all too far away to snap.
The sun rose and we decided to head home for breakfast and lo and behold.

The rest of the weekend went by in a busy blur. We bought a coal bunker to stock up on supplies for winter. We ran some errands in Oban. Today, Sunday, I planted up 6 new pots for the front door step ( photos soon ), Mowed the lawns, cleared the paths, walked the dogs. Now tired ( yawn ) hmmmm a busy but productive weekend :-)


  1. Good morning Annie!

    How I long to go to the UK. I have been to France, being a French teacher, but never have I had the pleasure of stepping onto your part of the world. What a lovely sight to see this stag! And to HEAR the calls? So uplifting!

    I want to thank you for taking the time to come to visit my post. I have dear blogger friends out in England and Ireland, and I hope to catch a glimpse of your world now as I will follow you. I love to expand my wings and take in all I can of the kindness out in the world.

    Have a magical day! Anita

  2. Thank you Anita for your comment. I also am loving the global blog contact its refreshing to glimpse other peoples worlds. Annie

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful and well worth getting out early to capture them. How wonderful to hear the deer too, it must have added to the atmosphere.
    Thanks you so much for sharing.
    Sarah x

  4. Yes Sarah it was totally worth getting up early.It was an amazing morning we sipped coffee from a flask while the mist swirled and the stags called, the icing on the cake was see one so close on the way home. Thank you for your comment and dropping by Annie x

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Annie!
    What beautiful images you've posted!
    I love Scotland! I was actually planning to do an MA in Glasgow there a few years back. And I must admit that one of my favorite books is the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, set in the Highlands, it's so trashy but I lovet it haha!
    Looking forwards to reading more in your blog, have a lovely day!

  6. Anna thankyou for dropping by on mine too :-).Likewise looking forward to future posts of yours. My son is currently studying at Glasgow.


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