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I have decided to call my new boat " tallulah".
I then googled the name its a choctaw word for leaping water so quite apt.

We have had amazing weather on the west coast of Scotland the last few days.
So this evening was the perfect evening to go for my first paddle in " Tallulah"
The sea was perfectly flat, a seal popped its head to say hello and the sun blazed down on us.

Andy practiced rolling whilst I just got used to the boat and paddled the legnth of the beach several times.

Then I just couldn't resist a swim in the crystal clear water.


  1. Were you wearing a wetsuit when you were in the water? I imagine the North Sea is pretty cold - and I think our water is cold.

    Enjoy Tallulah!

  2. yes but a cropped vest top one, it isn't the North Sea, the north sea is on the east coast of scotland, I live on the west, here is a link to where I was swimming

    and the sun had been on the water all day so it was lovely to swim in :-)

    Thanks re Tallulah she and I are going to have years of fun !



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