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chilling Sunday

Andy had come back from a week away recently we have been really busy doing up our
new home, so we decided to take a whole day off.
A sunday morning sleep in till about 8.30am, we put the coffee pots on and
 had fresh coffee, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with fresh granary bread.
Andy loaded up the car I prepared a picnic and we were off....
We did a few of the touristy things that are near us below are the
 Glenfiinnan Monument and Viaduct
The Glenfinnan Viaduct below is the one featured in the Harry Potter films.
There are lots of gorgeous beaches on our doorstep so we drove to one of our
favourites and we had it all to ourselves.
The beach is pure white sand with shells that glisten in the sun.
The sea is crystal clear.
Sparky and Rannoch ran up and down
Rannoch is now 11 weeks old he  braved the sea and actually enjoyed playing in it.
He also discovered he enjoys digging
Then we had company for a while, some big boys came to play.
Hmmmm Sparky and Rannoch not too sure at first.
The sun shone we ate our lunch, we paddled and splashed with the dogs.
we relaxed

We stopped at a pub on the way home and had wine and beer
on the decking. We then took our time tootling home
taking in the stunning views.
 We stopped at another
pub for our evening meal and finally we all got home about
10pm. We desanded ourselves in the porch.
Ahhh what a lovely Sunday :-)


  1. Wonderful pix!
    Visited Scotland in the early 90's.
    Really want to come back soon!

  2. Thanks Joy, where did you visit in the90's.

  3. Wow your blog is a breath of fresh Scottish air. I'm so glad you found my blog and introduced me to yours I shall enjoy following you too. Your picnic trip looks wonderful your Jack Russell looks as if it is telling you to hurry up and get in the car too!
    Your pictures of Scotland remind me of our great holiday we had in Scotland earlier in the year.
    Sarah x

  4. Loved your Blog Sarah we have lots in common, will be dropping vy your blog often. Yep we stopped to take pics and Sparky was saying hurry up. Glad you enjoyed your holiday up here. :-)
    Annie x


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