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Exciting times .....

After being patient something I don't do very well my new boat is almost ready to collect.
I first started to Kayak over 3 years ago and even then began aspiring to have a rockpool.
So after lots of thought the colours were chosen, I designed the graphics as you can with Rockpools.
Hopefully we will be getting the all to go collect it soon.
My confidence took a major knock about 7 months ago when in Kayaking termanology I went for a swim,
for me it was very scary. I am now ready to get back into a sport that I love :-)

I will be the proud owner of one of these.

The picture above is one of Andy's taken on a recent trip, notice the fin of a basking
shark. It swam right under his kayak :-)

Whilst I am on the subject of excting things and most definately last but by no means least. I am really excited about collecting the new member of our family on saturday.
He is a gorgeous 8 week old English Pointer who will become a great companion for Sparky, Andy and I.
Lots more pictures very soon.


  1. First, congratulations on your new boat. If that photo is indicative of the type of kayaking you do, you would be bored even on an ocean kayak here.

    Second, "oh, what a cutie". We are looking at all types of dogs lately in the expectation that our beloved 13 year old mutt will be leaving us before too long. She is our first dog and she taught us so much that we know we will never be without one again. Enjoy your new family member.

  2. Hope to collect kayak soon, very excited sadly that picture is what I aspire too, although I do like a challenge. Its very sad when we lose our 4 legged companions. One day of Rannoch inthe house has brought lots of smiles.They( sparky and Rannoch) are fast asleep they have wore each other out.


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