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mountain bike world cup

Living in the highlands has opened up lots of opportunities there is lots to do on our doorstep.
Coastal walks,hill walks climbing,kayaking,canoeing,skiing to name but a few.
There is always something going on an event or festival to attend.
So with a mountain bike mad son and a world cup event on our doorstep we had to go.
Also the icing on the cake was the olympic torch dropped by too.
Loved the event the horns and cow bells and cheers and the talent was amazing,
competitors were throwing themselves off jumps and  rocks and racing
downhill at breakneck speed in the hope of being the world champion.
Much to my surprise I loved it :-)


  1. Wow, I love that sort of thing too. How exciting seeing the Olympic torch go by! Thank you for your kind comment about closing my blog, I feel a bit sad! Rachael xx (A Room For Everyone)

  2. thanks for dropping by and commenting Rachael x

  3. When they had the Los Angeles Olympics ( I think 84) we got to see the torch run through our area. I had help sponsor a young girl from church and watched her pass it off to the head of the Hell's Angels in our area. You can bet there was some controversy when he was allowed to carry the torch.
    Scotland is so GREEN - I imagine lots of rain - so beautiful!

  4. Bet that was an interesting swop of the torch to watch ? hmmmm Scotland is very very green seems like last year was 300 days of rain, this year so far has been amazing England has had the bad weather.


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