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Hello just a random bits and bobs blog, all kinds of things been happening.

Had a bit of a health scare and spent a night in hospital not a nice experience :-(

I have been doing some housey stuff recently and will share soon

I started sea kayaking about 3 ish years ago and love it, when I first started I was hiring or borrowing sea kayaks and used my partners old one for a while, I always aspired to have one of these
now I have one on demo how lucky am I :-)
I must however confess that I had a very scary incident in November rough seas force 5-6 winds and a scary rescue that has left me battle scarred, but next week I am on a mission to get back out on the water,my partner has this line he uses in life "feel the fear and do it anyway" so going to give it a go and get back into a sport I love, living a stones throw from the shore its ideal.

On a complete tangent my son who is at university came for a visit today, so its so nice to have him around for a couple of days, with his arrival also came a dusting of snow on the mountains, so evenings curled up in front of the wood burning stove, some good chats and the odd game of scrabble will be refreshing.

Sparky is on the whole a good pup who is keen and eager to train, but sometimes the cheekiness just breaks through and he followed me to the outside bin the other evening saw a fellow canine in the distance and bolted ! leaving me running in his wake shouting him to come back.
His cheekiness on that occasion pales into insignificance compared to Fenton just had to share this with those of you that haven't seen it, boy did I empathise with the owner.

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