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living in limbo ain't so bad

Hello, saturday morning here Andy got up at the crack of dawn to get high in the hills, perfect conditions snow on the tops, clear skies so off he has headed to do a peak,boots,crampons and ice axes
.......that leaves me with a saturday just me and the dog, so wee blog then chores then a long crisp winters day walk for me :-)
was just having a flick through pics and reflecting.We are renting at the moment and both feel in limbo, so was just reminding myself how nice limbo was, we put lots of bird feeders up and get all kinds of birds this blue tit is just one of many shots

Oviously there are lots of highland cattle and this picture just seemed a stereotypical scottish shot.

The house we rent comes with a very large garden, I was in my element love gardening,growing my own veg etc, so after a lot of work double digging and clearing an area, planting seeds galore, watching them grow.......along came a now very regular visitor and her young and ate the lot!

And last but no means least ......the wee fella, Andy and I used to large dogs in our past labs,german shepards, then we aquired "Sparky" who has won our hearts over.
He is a great dog intelligent very bright and a very amusing character......he loves living in "limbo" great place for a dog a huge garden with lots of amazing sniffs...deer,mole,cattle we get them all wander through, he has the sea at the bottom of the garden and loves his daily walks along it( invariably finding something nasty and putrid to roll in )and miles and miles of hills and mountains to explore with us over the years to come.

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