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people watching

Whilst having a couple of hours to spare in a train station recently, it gave me the oportunity to take part in a pass time I enjoy "people watching". This is a mild form of voyeurism enjoyed by many.Ok my favourite place would have to be sat on the Spanish Steps in Rome or in some cafe in a stone flagged plaza basking in the sun sipping a good strong coffee. Alas Glasgow train staion on a cold foggy October day is I admit a million miles away, but known to have a vivid imagination at the best of times, I find it easy to slip into other worlds. Hugging my coat around me and wrapping my scarf around my neck an extra time. I settle down on a cold bench under the departure board and indulge my imagination, ......business men clad in long dark coats and carrying laptops in leather bags, hippy chicks giggling and sharing an ipod, a harassed mother with pushchair and toddler and all the paraphanalia that goes with them, police and sniffer dogs, two teenage goths, a smartly dressed woman leading a line of poshly dressed private school children, lovers hugging and saying goodbye, people sipping costa coffee from styrofoam cups......This is my rambling way of sharing a few people watching photo's taken recently, sadly didn't have my camera that day in the station......enjoy

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