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Ta Da !!! moments :-)

When you have been looking for something for ages,
something you put in a safe place so you could
find it.You get frustrated looking for it .....
then even more frustrated.
Then ta da !!! it turns up hmmmm and not in the
alleged safe place you put it.

Tidy bookcases.......very interesting debate
held with friends last night.So found this article

mine looks like this

I wasn't the only one at my friends soiree itching
to tidy her bookcase either ;-)so what does your bookcase
say about you ? fancy sharing a picture. I guess in reality
it would be the books on my bedside cabinet that say the
most about me now, those books I want to keep flicking through,
rereading and am just not ready to put back on the shelves.
Any way back to Ta Da !!! moments I finally found whilst looking
for something else the download cable for my camera.
More pictures to be taken and shared, ciao for now :-)

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