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Woke up bright and breezy after a fantastic 8 hours sleep. Opened the blinds to a brilliant blue sky, white frost covering everything but brrrrr its cold. Brisk walk to the office and I actually had a skip in my step today, not usually so bouncy with a week ahead of me at work. This may be due to the fact I am off up to Inverness tomorrow for a seminar, so not in work for the rest of the week, opted for the lower carbon way of travel and have a long train journey ahead, which I am really looking forward too armed with books for the first half and then colleagues join me for the latter scenic part of the journey :-)

Long hard days of meetings etc but a ceilidh planned for wednesday evening which always goes down well and into the early hours.

Freezing in the office actually cuddling a hot water bottle.......my turn to put the kettle on mmmm a nice peppermint tea

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