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"it's behind you"

Well it's finally behind me....2009 was quite an eventful year, went right through the scale of human emotions, some sad times,some really scary moments,some happy times.

Some major life changes were made and finally feel like I am well and truely out the other side. I have this analogy approach to things and last year felt like I was climbing a really steep hill carrying a huge heavy load, through the year the load lightened and I got chance to reach the summit and glimpse the stunning view that lay before me. Friendships were most definately stregthened last year sadly a friend or two chose to step out of my life too, que sera,sera. Have met someone too who I hope will hang around and share some adventures, he brings out the best in me, so long may it last :-). My job is giving me a bit of a challenge at the moment so no idea where that will go in 2010. There will be a house move ahead of me along with a lot more things life will chuck my way, really looking forward to the journey. So glass of your favourite tipple raised " cheers" and heres to 2010.

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